Jiu Jitsu Is Not a Sport but A Way of Life…for our family.

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Professor Mike & Timmy


A personal blog post by Cullen, a Park Jiu Jitsu parent:
Jiu Jitsu Is Not a Sport but A Way of Life…for our family.

Hello and Happy Day,

I have talked to many parents (mostly mom’s but some dad’s too) about Jiu Jitsu. The new parent who just walked into the academy who is not too sure about this type of martial art but is looking for something for their child. The parent who is very cocky that his son couldn’t possible “lose” a fight to girl. The parent who has done their research and decided that her son/daughter could really benefit from Jiu Jitsu. I’ve talked with the parent who’s child is crying on the mat and having such a hard time that she wants to go scoop him up in her arms and rescue him, but she leaves him out there and brings him back and she watches him grow incredibly. And I’ve talked to so many other parents about something that I knew nothing about almost 2 years ago.

I find it interesting the things that we learn about as parents that we probably would’ve never learned about had we not had a son or daughter. Jiu Jitsu has been a whole new world for me as a mom and I am in awe of how God has used it to change our family.

Many many years ago Steve sat next to a guy on an airplane that told him all about Jiu Jitsu. He never forgot the conversation and almost 2 years ago we walked into the academy and we learned about Jiu Jitsu, signed up Timothy and we continue to learn about something this is not a sport for a season but is a way of life for our family.

I’m that parent who’s child cried every time he was on the mat for the first month who wanted to scoop him up in my arms and tell him he would be okay but I didn’t. I’m so glad I didn’t because what I’ve witnessed him work through is beyond all I could imagine. It’s hard for me as a mom to watch my child have a hard time doing something and to look to me for help when I know that the best way to help him is to leave him out there.

I’m so thankful that my child knows how to defend himself or help someone should he ever need to but I have to say that I feel Jiu Jitsu is so much more than that. I remember our first day and I remember thinking ‘what is fighting/grappling? why would anyone want to teach their child to do that?’ I have to say that I now understand (from my point of view) that if my child were to get into a fight he would know the best way to defend himself, protect himself and get out of there the quickest way possible and he would do that without kicking, muscling or punching someone but by using Jiu Jitsu.

My child has needed to work on being humble, helping others, listening, having focused attention etc. and Jiu Jitsu is doing just that. But what I feel we are most blessed by is Timothy’s Professor. His way of teaching children is far better than any I’ve ever seen. He knows the way to talk with children and the way to teach them. We have been to other academy’s (because Timothy wants to keep training) in other states when we’ve traveled and it is so evident the type of teacher and person that Professor Mike is.

Timothy had been training for a bit and then Steve started to train with the adults and help with the kids classes. Saturday, January 30 Steve tested for his blue belt and earned it. He has been studying all 88 moves and I’m so proud of him. Timothy earned his yellow belt almost a year ago and it has been amazing to watch him grow and learn with his Professor and children in the Park City Jiu Jitsu Academy in almost 2 years that he’s been on the mat.

Have I seen my child grow incredibly because of Jiu Jitsu? YES! Have I seen my child help others because of Jiu Jitsu? YES! Have I seen my child listen better because of Jiu Jitsu?YES! Have I seen my child have a more focused attention because of Jiu Jitsu? YES! Do I see my child becoming a better person because of Jiu Jitsu? YES! Do I see my child learning what it means to be more humble because of Jiu Jitsu? YES! Would I want to change any of it? NO! Jiu Jitsu is a way of life for our family and I’m forever grateful to God for placing Jiu Jitsu and Professor Mike into our lives.

cullen (:

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