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As most of you know Mike went to Herndon Virginia in May to teach at the Master Pedro Sauer’s Spring Training Conference. While he was out there he had the opportunity to review all the new Pedro Sauer Association updates and programs. He was very impressed with the professional growth of the Pedro Sauer Association and the high value it now offers you, Park City Jiu Jitsu adult students.

The programs are now organized into a clear structured format that is very easy to track and follow for both students and instructors through the Association website. You, the adult student, has the ability to see what is going to be taught that week, who is teaching the class and a short video demonstrating what will be taught. For you, access to the 400+ video library is the most valuable part of being part of the association. Videos include: White to Blue program moves, Blue to Purple program move, position videos, and technique videos. Not only can you review videos before a class, but you also have the ability to go back and watch what you learn after a class. You have a feature to insert notes making your learning process much more effective and easier. To support your progression instructors have the ability to see a student’s progression, what classes have been attended, techniques learned, and what may be missing.

The Park City Jiu Jitsu class schedule and curriculum will now be available through the Association website. We feel that this will be the best way to provide you a way to progress and learn. The association fee is only $50 per year and with that you get access to all the 400+ library of videos (White to Blue program videos cost $300 if purchased separately), a discount in the Pedro Sauer Association store, discounts to Pedro Sauer Association seminars, and a 10 day training pass to the Pedro Sauer Headquarters in Virginia. For these reasons we now feel the $50 Pedro Sauer Association fee has great value to and ask you to join now.

Sign up by going to In the top left-hand corner click “Association Member Login.” Then in the blue box click the Sign Up link. Once you sign up you can go to the subscription box and add your credit card information. After your $50 payment, you should be able to activate your account. If you have problems please let us know. As soon as you sign up and choose Park City as your school. The schedule and the video library will be available to you. Thank you for your support!

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