Jiu Jitsu Competition Info


Isaiah Lewis Gi Win NWSC 2016Tournament Environments

  • Competitive tournaments are loud with parents and coaches shouting and cheering. It can be intimidating as a parent to hear all this for the first time.
  • Focus on the match and how Professor Mike calmly coaches. He only coaches the students when they need it, unlike some coaches that are yelling constantly.  
  • We are a part of an amazing academy because of the Professor that our children have, and you will witness that at a competition if you haven’t already.

Tournament Sign-Up

  • Go to the tournament website to register.
  • Divisions are based on age, weight class, and belt/skill level. If you have any questions consult with Professor Mike.
  • If you can sign up for Gi and No-Gi sign up for both, more opportunities to compete!
  • For each tournament a coaching fee for Professor Mike will be charged to your credit card. The amount will depend on where the tournament is located and other factors.

Suggested Food & Things to Bring

  • Gatorade, water, nuts, trail mix, applesauce pouches, Lara Bars, Veggies, etc.
  • You can put all of your food items and drinks in a small cooler and bring it inside.
  • If your child is competing in Gi and No-Gi you will need a bag to put the Gi into when they change into No-Gi
  • Shoes: Have flip flops or easy-on/easy-off shoes for your child to wear. This protects the mats from getting dirty and makes it easy for your child to get their shoes off when it’s time to get on the mat to compete
  • What does my child need for No-Gi? Boys can wear shorts with no pockets such as board shorts, nylon basketball shorts, or workout shorts. Girls need to wear two layers: compression shorts (or spankys), workout leggings under shorts without pockets or zippers. For a top boys and girls can wear a rash guard (swim shirt) or t-shirt. If your child has a Park City Jiu Jitsu t-shirt that is great to wear for No-Gi.

PC BJJ WinnersWhen You Arrive at the Tournament

  • You will check in your child(ren) and they will be weighed in their Gi.
  • Weigh-ins, last around an hour, then the competition staff takes about 30 minutes to finalize the brackets, during that time the there will be a talk for the rules, and matches will start soon after.
  • A Park City Jiu Jitsu coach (such as Nick Howlett & Steve “Gator” Wood)  will be there to warm up the kids during weigh-ins – Professor Mike will not be there at weigh-ins and warm up.
  • Your child should not warm-up, roll, or fight with a child from another academy during warm-up.
  • Take your child to the bathroom before they compete.
  • Park City Jiu Jitsu tries to sit together in the stands or same area as a team, so when you arrive look for Team Park City.

Once The Competition Starts

  • Professor Mike will arrive when the competition starts.
  • Usually youngest competitors with lowest belt start first then go up from there.
  • Your child will be with you in the stands until their name is called over the public address system. Then they go to the mat to compete. They will stay by the mat they are competing on until their bracket is over.
  • Professor Mike will try to be there for every child, but due to the size of the team one of the other Park City coaches may be there to coach your child.
  • At the end of the match the referee will raise the hand of the winner, your child shakes hand of their opponent, then shakes the hand of the opponent’s coach, and then goes to Professor Mike or other Park City coach for any post fight comments.
  • Most likely they will have 2 or more fights depending on the size of their bracket.

Cunningham Cross Choke NWSC 2016Good Etiquette

  • There is NO crying on the mat.
  • Allow Professor Mike to do the coaching of your child when they are fighting.
  • Please do not yell out to your child to do certain moves. Professor Mike knows what your child can do and when it’s the appropriate time for your child to do a move. This will allow your child to listen for only Professor Mike’s voice.
  • Unlike in the academy where the proper etiquette is to NOT cheer for your own child, at a competition you CAN and are encouraged to cheer for your child.
  • Unlike in the academy where video or photography is NOT allowed unless you have permission from Professor Mike, you may take video or pictures at the competition.
  • You and your child are representing Park City Jiu Jitsu as a team, so cheer on each other and encourage your child to watch and cheer their teammates.
  • Make sure your child’s Gi is washed (don’t wash the belt-ever).
  • Please cut and file fingernails and toenails before a competition.