Training Programs

Jiu Jitsu (Men & Women)

This fundamental program teaches the essential techniques and principles necessary to provide a solid foundation in self-defense and Sport Jiu Jitsu.

Open Mat (Men & Women)

This is a non-Instrutional class where students may practice and apply the techniques through Supervised sparing. Some experience is necessary to participate in open mat.

Children/Youth Jiu Jitsu

Our youth program teaches the basic concepts and techniques of Jiu Jitsu and self-defense. We focus on improving coordination, flexibility, motor skills along with memory exercises. We instill characteristics that give your child self confidence that aid in all aspects of their lives.

Ginastica Natural | Functional Movement (Men & Women)

Ginastica Natural was developed by Alvaro Romano. It is a complete full-body weight training method with a 30-year research history which benefit your entire body and life, giving you physical qualities like strength, endurance, mobility, core stability, balance, flexibility, coordination simultaneously – resulting in quality of life, muscle tone, weight-loss plus a better performance among others. Through breathing techniques provides the practitioner, corporal concience, physical recovery and well-being.

MMA Fitness (Mixed Martial Arts | Men & Women)

Get Stronger, fitter and burn pounds of body fat with this high intensity MMA inspired workout.This face paced fun workout combines various techniques of MMA such as striking, kicking, punching and training drills creating strength, endurance and cardio.

Women’s Self Defense: Women & Men

Jiu Jitsu is the best self-defense system. It’s tried and true techniques are especially beneficial against a larger opponent. These techniques are unlike any other system out there. Instead of relying on strength or unrealistic techniques like punching or kicking, we will show you how to employ leverage and specific technique to neutralize your assailant.

In our program, we will teach you to protect and defend yourself against an attack. You do not need any prior experience and can start the classes at any time. You will learn 30 of the top moves to defend against the most common attacks.

Private Lessons

You may schedule a private or small group lesson(s) for any of the disciplines with Mike Diaz. To schedule contact us at 801-618-3778.